Meet Nadya Okamoto (@nadyaokamoto)

Join us for a rapid-fire round of questions with Sellebrity Nadya Okamoto (@nadyaokamoto), Founder of PERIOD: The Menstrual Movement, Co-Founder of August, Author of PERIOD POWER, and Host of the Tigress Podcast! 


  1. How did you become such an ardent advocate of the period movement? What/who was your biggest inspo?

I learned about period poverty in 2014 from hearing stories directly from homeless women about their experience of not being able to afford period products. I had never heard of period poverty before, but learning about that and the fact that the tampon tax existed in 40 states at the time ignited a fire in me — I knew I had to take action. So that year, I started what is now known as, a nonprofit. I led it as executive director until January 2020 before I began my journey starting August, a sustainable period brand.

  1. What has been your most favorite speaker event outfit up to this point?

Honestly probably my outfit from my first ever TedX speech. I put so much thought into what I was going to wear and found something I was both comfy in and felt confident. I haven’t worn that shirt since, but I can't bring myself to give it away!

  1. Are feminine and feminist arch-rivals?

Nope — they’re completely unrelated. Feminine is a term for gender expression - how one chooses to express themselves! A Feminist is just someone who fully believes in gender equality.

  1. What is the most important life lesson you’ve learned? Who/what imparted this nugget?

Take care of yourself and prioritize sleep. The world taught me that the hard way.

  1. You are so candid, sharing openly about your menstrual cycle and other very personal topics on Instagram and TikTok. What topic is off-limits for you?

Probably my personal sex life in detail — out of respect for my partner. Also, any further details that involve someone else’s privacy.

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